Roberto Herrera & Natacha Poberaj


"Roberto and Natacha are true representatives of Antonio Todaro’s style of dance. Roberto comes from the Folklore school of “El Chucaro and Norma Viola”. He also was the soloist dancer for the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese during the last years of Pugliese’s life. They have toured the world with numerous shows, and giving workshops, and they reside in Buenos Aires where they transmit all the secrets of that special technique of the dance. Their classes are recommended to students of all levels, who want to take up on the grounds of the Todaro’s style. Antonio Todaro is considered one of the most important teachers that ever existed in the dance form of tango, and he generated a new style of which Roberto is one of the few true representatives. Don’t miss their classes. "

  Workshops - 23 & 24 May 2004
  Tango Show - 22 May 2004