Claudio Hoffmann & Pilar Álvarez

Tango Sitges

"Pilar Álvarez and Claudio Hoffmann dance professionally argentine tango for 15 years. As a solo dance couple, they have participated in many spectacles around the world: "Tangokinesis", "Passion Tango”, " La Gala des etoiles du XXI Siecle" (Theater Champs Elysses of Paris), "The night of the stars" (National Opera of Helsinki).

Since 1998 they direct , with Daniel Binelli, their own company: " Tango Metropolis", with which they have appeared in the most prestigious theaters of Venezuela, Uruguay, Switzerland, China (III Festival of Art of Shanghai), Japan and France. They have also received for this work the prize " Alive 2000 " (Viva 2000) from Israel for "Best Choreography".

As teachers, they are well known for their didactics, participating in most of the best International Festivals of Tango."

  Workshops - 22 & 24 October 2004
  Tango Show - 23 October 2004
Claudio & Pilar asked me to remove their photos from tango show