Marta Anton & El Gallego Manolo


" MARTHA started as help of the great master ANTONIO TODARO at his three academies. 1991-1994 at "galería del tango" was created the lessons and practices “De las tres mujeres”("Of the three women"). There was no male teachears.Only three women: Graciela González, Verónica Alvarenga, and Martha Antón. Lately she participated at C.I.T.A. 2003, at the Metropolitan Festival 2003-2004 as teachear and jury and at the World Championship of Tango 2003-2004 teaching, as finals jury and performing Tango Canyengue at yhe final show at Obras Stadium.

MANUEL MARIA SALVADOR Well knowned as "El Gallego Manolo" He beginned as teacher at "Club Sudamérica" with Rodolfo and María Cieri, "Círculo de Suboficiales", "Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima." At Theater he participated at the plays"Tango de ayer hoy y siempre" with Mingo Pugliese at .San Martín Theater, “Solo Tango” with Gustavo Naveira and Juan Bruno. ”Milonga” at Cervantes Theater , ”Perfil” with Beba Pugliese Sextet , dancing with Luis Grondona, ”Maratón“ at thel Colón Theater among others. In Cinema at the pictures “Las garras del águila italo-argentina” dancing with Juan Bruno, “Funes un gran amor”, dancing with Alejandro Sanguinetti,. “Canción desesperada” dancing with Luis Grondona., and at the remembered “Evita” of Alan Parker dancing with Luis Grondona..

Funders of the Argentinean Canyengue Cultural Movement (Mo.C:C.A.) Both match in a recognized tango couple with a trayectory in Argentina and the world."

  Workshops - 15 October 2005
  Tango Show - 15 October 2005